Balloon Ride Dubai – Adventures ride in Dubai sky with falcons

Balloon Ride Dubai

Ballon ride Dubai called as hot air balloon ride is the perfect thing to do in Dubai to experience the desert from above and below offered by Balloon Adventures Dubai & Amigos Balloons, the world’s most experienced Hot Air Balloon Company.

While gently floating over the pristine dunes of the Dubai desert and watching the sunrise over the Hajar Mountains, you can enjoy watching falcons flying up to 1 kilometer above the Earth. During the adventure ride you can view roaming camels, galloping gazelles and the mighty Arabian Oryx in their natural habitat.

Each basket holds up to 24 passengers and there’s plenty of space for you to sightsee as you fly.

Other attractions offered by Balloon Adventures Dubai on the trip include:

  1. A ride in museum quality, open top 1950’s Land Rovers to a private desert conservation reserve to an authentic Bedouin camp.
  2. There you will have the chance to freshen up at clean, private bathrooms.
  3. Feast on a gourmet breakfast of caviar, hand-cut smoked salmon, Eggs Benedict, fresh fruit and more.

Note some important things to take care while planning for trip

  • Wear comfortable loose clothing. In the winter months, it’s advisable to carry a light jacket or cardigan.
  • Please wait for us in the Hotel Lobby (not your room) at the pre-arranged time.
  • The actual balloon flight time is approximately one hour and breakfast is served afterwards. Weather permitting, we fly 7-days-a-week from September until the end of May.

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Who are the tour operators of Balloon ride Dubai?

Amigos Balloons – A sky-high tour of the desert during sunrise

Balloon Adventures Emirates – Take a mesmerising tour 1,200 metres above the desert

Whom to contact to know details about Balloon Ride Dubai?


Phone: +971 4 388 4044 / +971 [0] 4 285 4949
Whatsapp: +971 5442 54995


What is the ticket price of Balloon Ride Dubai?

Price per person

Adult: AED1,100
Child: AED950 (5yrs – 11yrs)

What is the duration of

Balloon Ride Dubai

Balloon Ride Dubai


  • Half day – (morning)

Days of Operation

  • Daily 8th September – 31st May

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