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AngloINFO is the world’s largest network of websites for English-speakers living abroad. It operates in many regions within countries around the world providing vital support and information to the local international communities. Its local websites provide detailed day-to-day support to people living in a particular region while its national websites are specifically geared to addressing the needs of those who are in the process of moving, or looking to move.

AngloINFO is for anyone who speaks English – whether as a first language or not – who needs information or support on living in, moving to, or moving back to, a country or region which they are not totally familiar with.

Focus and attention to its core brand values – clarity, reliability and relevance – has made it an essential tool for millions of expats worldwide.

AngloINFO users come from all nationalities and walks of life – from people on expat job contracts to their partners and children, from students to retirees, from second-home owners to permanent emigrants – our websites are carefully designed and managed to support them all.

AngloINFO currently operates 60 independent regional websites and 27 national ones and continues to expand worldwide. It is the world leader in this market and serves over 86 million pageviews every month to an estimated 2.5 million users.

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