Almajid Travel and Tourism – Travel, tourism, and cargo agency

Almajid Travel and Tourism – over the years have systematically developed into a flourishing travel, tourism, and cargo agency and today it evolves among the Gulf’s top leaders in the world of travel and tourism with a turnover 200 million Dirhams.

It was established in 1981 and belongs to Juma Al Majid Group of companies, which is engaged in more than 40 diversified fields in UAE. Al Majid Travel and Tourism with its headquarters in Dubai has been building up its strategic position abroad, also with its sister companies in Middle East and Europe.

Al Majid Travel and Tourism has been providing qualified and professional personnel, modern facilities, a knowledge that have enabled our principals to profitably promote and sell their services in demanding and competitive market.

Our efforts are constantly focused on updating our travel information services. Our people cater to your specific requirements from tours, group handling to skiing and other specialized trips, business travel, leisure travel, cargo handling, you name it we have it.

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