Al Madallah Healthcare Management in Dubai, UAE

Al Madallah Healthcare Management in Dubai, UAE


Al Madallah Healthcare Management in Dubai, UAE

Al Madallah Healthcare Management in Dubai, UAE

Almadallah Healthcare Management is a Third Party Administrator (TPA). It is a private company that was established in Dubai in 2008. Almadallah has established strong ties with the Government of Dubai and the Private Sector. The core function of Almadallah is managing health insurance schemes and insurance policies to select government organizations, self-funding organizations and health insurance companies.

Almadallah recognizes the importance of leveraging information technology. Almadallah believes that utilizing state-of-the-art technology is paramount to providing the highest quality services to client organizations and policy holders.

As a TPA, Almadallah is neither an insurance company nor a healthcare provider. Almadallah is a key intermediary company that brings the three stakeholders of the healthcare insurance industry together, namely, healthcare providers, policy holders, and insurance companies/self funding organizations. Almadallah provides administrative support to these organizations by managing, servicing and processing their health insurance policies and claims.

Al Madallah Healthcare Management in Dubai, UAE Details

What are the services provided by Al Madallah Healthcare Management?

  • Clients (Self Funding Organizations and Insurance Companies)
  • Members (Eligible Employees and their Dependents)
  • Statistical and other Support Services to Client

How to contact them for more information?

Almadallah Healthcare Management FZ LLC
P.O.Box 31712, DIAC, Dubai, U.A.E

For Administrative issues
Tel: 04 4342311, Fax: 04 4342310

For Claims and Reimbursements
Tel: 04 4342322, Email:

How to apply for a job at Al Madallah Healthcare Management?


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