Al Ittihad Private School

Al Ittihad Private School

Al Ittihad Private School

AIPS-Jumeira was established in 1998 by Al Arabia for Educational Development. Situated in Jumeira, they serve over 1,500 students on a safe and inviting campus.

With over 12 years of experience, Al Ittihad has taught us that schools are not established for the sole purpose of academics but also as causeways to fine tune the character and the social responsiveness of students.

This educational experience has opened their eyes to the needs of students in the U.A.E and thus pressed us to construct a curriculum that teaches to international standards and benchmarks, while preserving the cultural values in the U.A.E.

Al Ittihad Private Schools pride themselves in raising future leaders who are proud of their heritage and legacy and are able to face with great confidence and buoyancy the challenges of a most competitive global world.

By providing a productive atmosphere for teaching and learning, students are prepared for higher education and life’s challenges through a holistic approach which nourishes students’ growth at all stages through intellectual, physical, social, and emotional skill building.


Operating in Jumeira since 1998, Al Ittihad Private School caters to students of all ages, starting from Pre-Kg – Grade 12 and follows an American High School Diploma program. As such, the school teaches all subjects in English, expect for Arabic language and Islamic Studies which are taught in Arabic and both follow the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education in the UAE. Special Islamic Studies and Special Arabic programs designed by the Ministry of Education in the UAE are available for non-native speakers of Arabic. As the students embark into Grade 11, they are offered two streams: Scientific or Business, whereby the subjects of English, Math (A or B), Arabic, and Islamic Studies are core/compulsory subjects. Physics, chemistry, biology, accounting, business, economics and history become elective courses. When our students graduate, they are eligible to join universities in the UAE and abroad.


Al Ittihad Private School
Dubai/ Jumeira
P.O. Box 37090, Dubai – U.A.E

Contact Details

Tel: +971-4-3945111
Fax: +971-4-3943040

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