Abu Dhabi Women’s College – Higher Colleges of Technology

Abu Dhabi Women's College - Higher Colleges of Technology

Abu Dhabi Women’s College – Higher Colleges of Technology

Abu Dhabi Women’s College (ADWC) opened in 1988 as one of the four founding campuses in the system of 17 campuses of the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT). ADWC’s new Khalifa campus, opened in September 2009, offers educational opportunities to an additional 2,000 students closer to home for those students who live outside of Abu Dhabi, and with the City campus, takes the total enrollment to over 2,600.

ADWC offers an exciting array of career-oriented programs that meet industry demands and international quality standards in Applied Communications, Business, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Information Technology and Work Readiness.

Continuing Education programs are open to everyone, regardless of gender or educational level and include courses in English, Business and Management and Information Technology. Courses may also be customized to meet the needs of organizations. The Work Readiness Program prepares women who were unable to enter college directly after high school, for successful careers in private, public or self-owned companies.

ADWC offers a holistic approach to education that provides students with opportunities to excel on campus in academics, student leadership and extra-curricular activities, and to succeed in the workforce through work placement and graduate job placement programs.

Learning technologies are a consistent complement for all programs. Tablet PCs are offered to students, wireless internet access is available campus-wide, and educational technologies are maximised to enhance learning experiences.

Our faculty and staff comprise of 200+ dedicated professionals from across the world, working together to bring the best in international standards to the classroom and the campus. Their commitment to excellence has resulted in the establishment of valuable, student-centered resources such as the library and learning centers, the Career Development Center, Student Development Center, and Student Support Center.

PO Box 41012
Abu Dhabi
the United Arabic Emirates.

Contact Details
Phone: +971-(0)2 641 3839
Fax: +971-(0)2 6413456

Abu Dhabi Women’s College Website: www.adwc.hct.ac.ae

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