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Abu Dhabi University is committed to build national capacity and to fuel the economic engine of the United Arab Emirates with talented graduates and excellent faculty. We strive to be the nation’s premier university, continuously updating our curricula, bringing in top-level faculty from all over the world, partnering with the best international universities, and building a highly motivated student body. In my view, what Abu Dhabi University does best is teaching students how to think, and this lasts an entire lifetime.

In nine years, Abu Dhabi University has become a force for socio- economic progress, civic engagement, and cultural enrichment in our community. Student enrollment has now exceeded 4000, our alumni have reached 1500 and Abu Dhabi University has continued to attract an increasing number of the best and brightest students from the region. In addition, we have successfully launched our first strategic plan aimed towards achieving academic prominence, and we have established partnerships with the best international universities in Germany, the USA, Canada, the UK, France, and Australia. The number of programs accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has reached 33 – 25 of which are at the bachelor level, 8 are at the master level, and one is doctorate program. We are very proud of what Abu Dhabi University has achieved.

The success of Abu Dhabi University stems from a clarity of vision, focus and pride in quality. My goal as the Chancellor is to transform Abu Dhabi University from being a good institution to becoming a great one; uniting and igniting people’s collective energy to make a difference, and creating an environment conducive to intellectual growth for faculty and students


Abu Dhabi Campus
P.O Box 59911, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Toll Free Number: 800-ADYOU (800-23968)
Email: admissions@adu.ac.ae

Abu Dhabi University Website:  www.adu.ac.ae

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