5 Crucial Considerations Before Selling Your Home

Renovating or Selling the Property

Families’ desire selling their home when family size grows and shrinks. Owners selling their home for more space should consider whether renovating the property is a cost-effective strategy instead of buying a larger home. Converting the attic, constructing another bedroom or remodeling the basement are valid considerations rather than selling the home. Downsizing a home possesses benefits including lower electricity bill, less cleaning and lower maintenance costs.

Hire a Property Inspector

Hiring a property inspector educates sellers on the home’s estimated return and expediting the selling process. An Inspector examines the property’s structural systems: plumbing damage, improper electrical wiring, ventilation system, roof cracks and damages to the home’s exterior. Inspectors issue a maintenance strategy on how to increase the property value. Sellers can request a higher selling price when a home inspector endorses the property is in good condition. Confirm the inspector is licensed with the Real Estate Regulatory Affairs(RERA) before proceeding.

Selecting the Right Real Estate Agent

Sellers must identify an experienced realtor before selling their home. Qualified realtors have higher sales transactions and possess experience on various market conditions. Have the agent reveal the number of homes sold last year while representing a seller. A seller should select an agent with high home sales transactions. Agents with high pending transactions indicate their success level compared to an agent with zero sales pending. Investigate the agent’s reviews online and the reputation of their agency. Long established agencies with large sales teams and an upscale marketing department should be confirmed before hiring.

Preparing Your Property for Sale

A thorough property inspection by the realtor must take place prior to listing. Qualified real estate agents can identify visible features needing upgrade to improve the home’s presentation. Clean homes that are freshly painted, decluttered and manicured lawns are low cost preparations required prior to enlisting the property. Well prepared homes have positive first impressions from buyers.

Sell Home at Current Market Value

Property owners experiencing a divorce, job change or marriage should base their decision to sell on their needs, not the condition of the market. Owners selling in a buyer’s market will purchase a new home at a low rate. Sellers should embrace the market and not base the value of their homes on past prices. Sell the property at current market value and purchase an affordable home within budget. Investigate similar properties for sale, compare property values and the duration of time listed to know the selling process in the present market.

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