Moshi Restaurant Dubai – Review

Moshi Restaurant Dubai – Review

We had a pleasure of being invited for food tasting in this popular eatery called Moshi (Momo and Sushi), which mean ‘Hello’ in Japan. Moshi first opened its door to public as early as July of 2015 and have become one of the fastest growing restaurant because of their uniqueness. Soon they will be opening their new branch in Oud Metha road, near Lamcy Plaza – Dubai.

We have always stayed away from the traditional Japanese sushi but after trying this different and unique experience we are in love with it. Every single thing is made in house and EVERYTHING is made fresh and served same time.

Moshi restaurant Dubai UAE

Moshi restaurant Dubai UAE

Using our GPS, we reached the place in our invited time around 3 PM and luckily we got the parking right outside of the restaurant that was a good sign 😉 It’s a nice tiny, cosy place decorated mostly with grey, orange and white colors. The tables and chairs are small and square and we liked the open kitchen concept.

Moshi restaurant Dubai Menu Board

Moshi restaurant Dubai Menu Board

Upon entering we were welcomed by Khush who’s the marketing guru behind Moshi’s success and Rahul, the founder and creator was also present who greeted us too.. a very down to earth young chap. We went there with high expectations as we have heard and read already about them on the social platforms. Upon seating, Khush explained the idea to make sushi accessible to everyone (veg and non veg) and we were just about to have that experience!

Moshi restaurant Dubai

Moshi restaurant Dubai

From here on, our dishes came flowing onto our table and we were ready for it 🙂

Lemonade and Mint drink - Moshi Restaurant Dubai Review

Lemonade and Mint drink – Moshi Restaurant Dubai Review

First was their most popular Lemonade and Mint drink, it comes in mason-jar and they provide marker pens to write our names on them, that was so cool for our Instagram capture. The first sip right away gives you a strong blow of mint and a little lemony with the perfect blend of sweetness and we just loved it.

Moshi Salad - Moshi Restaurant Dubai Review

Moshi Salad – Moshi Restaurant Dubai Review

Rahul, who’s the founder and creator of the place served our first dish the Moshi Salad by himself and explained the ingredients that went to make this colourful salad and must say its a must must try when you visit Moshi it had shredded red cabbage, carrots, lettuce a sweet chili dressing and crushed peanuts on top, it was tangy, crunchy and delicious.

Cheesy Chips Oman and Falafel,Cucumber and Hummus Sushi - Moshi Restaurant Dubai Review

Cheesy Chips Oman and Falafel,Cucumber and Hummus Sushi – Moshi Restaurant Dubai Review

Then came the ultimate Cheesy Chips Oman Sushi, and we have become die hard fans of them. The taste was so flavourful and they looked marvellous, they were just so good that we reluctantly ordered one more plate of it haha 🙂 Each bite was a perfect mixture of eggless cream cheese and crusted Oman chips in a maki roll that also was covered with crunchy oman chips, it was just splendid.

Then we directly jumped into our second item the Falafel, Hummus and Cucumber Sushi in a maki roll served with tahina sauce on the side! We were not sure how this will taste sushi rice with falafel mmm but this also surprised us with its unusual flavour combination, the falafel and cucumber gives a decent crunch to the sushi and hummus compliments the whole package.

Moshi restaurant Dubai

Then came the big platter it had Chicken Tikka, Chicken Katsu, Moshi Dynamite and Eggplant Sushi. Chicken Tikka and Chicken Katsu were in the Air Roll variation. You can either choose to have your Sushis with maki or with air rolls. Air Rolls are wrapped in a thin rice paper-like lettuce and you can have them for little as additional price of AED 3 and its worth a try as they are lighter and healthier 😉 Both of these Chicken sushis items were absolutely divine and mouth watering that after having one you have to go for another one same time, specially the Chicken tikka one was tender, spicy and mind blowing.

The eggplant version of Sushi was was also OK as we are not big fan of this veggie.

Moshi restaurant Dubai

Moshi restaurant Dubai

The Moshi Dynamite Roll was one of her favourites as for me seafood is a big no no but she enjoyed this. First of all the way it’s presented it’s colorful and amazing to look at. It is Prawns, Crabs and Avocados steamed and rolled and topped with tobiko, spring onion and homemade spicy sauce packing loads of flavor and crunch.

Now to the momos part, you have the choice of either having them steamed, pan-fried or deep-fried. Pan-fried and deep fried comes with additional cost of AED 2.

We were served variety of them

  • Cheesy chicken capsicum
  • Pero Pero chicken
  • Prawn
  • Mutton
  • Cheese mushroom

All were steamed except Prawns were pan-fried and Mutton was deep fried.

Moshi restaurant Dubai

Moshi restaurant Dubai

The momos were cooked to perfection, soft and full of flavour on the inside. Momos are served with chilli, sesame and tomato sauce.

The Pero Pero chicken and the cheesy ones were steamed and the dough on them was perfect, not too thick and they were much more lighter and generously stuffed, you have to dip it in the sauce to have much more fun eating them

The deep-fried Mutton momo on our platter had a crisp outer layer it’s very well minced and cooked same goes for the Prawns pan-fried, it’s worth a try.

Vegetable fried noodles - Moshi Restaurant Dubai Review

Vegetable fried noodles – Moshi Restaurant Dubai Review

Apart from Sushi and Momos we were served rice and vegetable fried noodles served with moshi spicy sauce, one thing you will notice is the noodles are non uniformed as they are made in house and the string are cut by hand not by machines. The only thing was they were a little dry for us.

Sticky Chicken fried rice - Moshi Restaurant Dubai Review

Sticky Chicken fried rice – Moshi Restaurant Dubai Review

On the other hand Moshi’s Sticky Chicken Fried Rice was somehow similar to nasi goreng rice but with overflowing flavours, it comes with the chili sauce on the side, if spicy is not your genre stay away from the sauce it will make you sweat haha. We recommend this for a quick lunch, it’s very fulfilling.

No matter how full we get, we always have space for dessert somehow haha.

At the end, we were served with this beautiful dessert plate that has become our top favourite in Dubai the Nutella Maki and Peanut butter bars. The nutella maki was soft, buttery pastry dough topped or i can say filled with Nutella, Yummyyyy! Moshi’s Peanut Butter Bars are for the health-conscious people with no added preservatives. The best part of this dessert was that our Instagram name was written on it.

Nutella Maki rolls and Peanut Butter Bars - Moshi Restaurant Dubai Review

Nutella Maki rolls and Peanut Butter Bars – Moshi Restaurant Dubai Review

As we thought that we are done for today, we were offered something that we were not able to resist Milkshakes.. So we thought why not end this with a bang, so we ordered a mixture of Nutella, Kinder Bueno and Oreo shake and it was just delicious a sweet heaven.. served again in mason-jar and we sipped it like an animal hihi

Nutella,Oreo and Kinder milkshake - Moshi Restaurant Dubai Review

Nutella,Oreo and Kinder milkshake – Moshi Restaurant Dubai Review

One thing that really touched us was that 5% of all Moshi proceeds go to the ‘Pending Meal’ foundation to help pay construction workers of Dubai for their meals.. Kudos for that 🙂 And what we also came to know that Moshi uses white cutlery for vegetarian items and orange for non-vegetarian items, nice concept.

The Moshi staff are very experienced and efficient, it was nice meeting you all

Moshi Staffs - Moshi restaurant Dubai

Moshi Staffs – Moshi restaurant Dubai

They are socially active and you can follow them below for latest updates




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Snapchat – moshiuae

And before we end our blog we would like to thank Khush – Arigatou Gozaimasu, for hosting us over the weekend and introducing us to Moshi.

Overall, We really enjoyed our food, it was delectable and the service was really good. Moshi is located in Al Barsha 1, right opposite from City Max hotel. For more details, call 800 MOSHI.

Note WiFi connection is available and Moshi customers get a free parking space right before the City Max hotel. You will thank us for this information as getting parking in that area is next to impossible 😉

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