The Hot Dog Stand Restaurant Dubai Marina UAE – Review

The Hot Dog Stand Restaurant Dubai Marina – Review

A Hot Dog Stand is a business that sells hotdogs, usually from an external counter but this place is nothing like that. Located in core of marina it serves mouthwatering picturesque hotdogs. We’ve been meaning to write this review up for a while, actually we made the trip 2 months back. 

The Hot Dog Stand

The Hot Dog Stand – Dubai, UAE.

The location is a bit tricky even though with our GPS we roamed around the same street for couple of times. At last after few merry go rounds we managed to reach the place and the good thing is being their customer you get free parking space as you all know finding parking is a mess in Marina. You just need to honk at the front of the restaurant or call them on 800 HOT DOG, and they will have the parking issue sorted out for you.

The HotDog Stand

The Hot Dog Stand – Dubai, UAE.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves. Let’s take a moment to just admire the amount of signage at HotDog Stand. It has a huge 5 * logo and the restaurant’s glass wall has sticker showing all the different ingredients that goes in making a hot dog a gourmet one. The place inside is quite small with high bar stool seating but they do have a good sized outdoor bench seating area if when it gets crowded indoors or when the weather permits.

The HotDog Stand - Dubai, UAE.

The Hot Dog Stand Outdoor Seating Arrangement.

The menu is small and simple, they serve Angus Beef and Chicken hot dogs, with three signature choices on the menu or you can opt for creating one of your own masterpieces with whatever toppings you’d prefer and I want a hot dog with everything poppy seed bun, salt, neon green relish, diced tomatoes, onions, mustard, sport peppers and a pickle spear.

The HotDog Stand Dubai

The Hot Dog Stand Dubai Menu.

I understand people have their own regional hot dog preferences, i respect that. This is my own personal criteria. I just want everyone to know what I look for when grading a hot dog place. Though the only place we used to get this quick little easy to make snack used to be in a petrol station and now this is the place to come for hot dogs that are served at a different level.

For starters, we ordered

Jalapeno Poppers – they have become of the top jalapeno poppers ever in our list.. they were very crunchy and delectable, just one bite into it and cheese started oozing out yabba dabba doo!

The HotDog Stand Dubai

Jalapeno Poppers.

The HotDog Stand Dubai

Onion Rings – they were huge and perfectly fried to get the perfect flavor out of it.

Our mains were two signature hot dogs and a pasta

Monster Hot Dog – This one is chicken and thinks of any toppings / stuffing it has it all. It’s not soggy despite everything on it though I felt something crunchy and then noticed there were even potato sticks in it that made this as one of my favorite ones. It had beetroot, tomatoes, pickles, green onions, potato sticks, jalapeno, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise which took the hot dog to a whole new level.

The HotDog Stand Dubai

Monster Hot Dog.

Cheese Coney – If you are obsessed with cheese then this is the right one for you, it is equipped with cheese and it’s one heck of a delicious beef hot dog packed with cheddar cheese, white onions and their secret recipe chili. Could have been sloppier, but I enjoyed it. That’s a sloppy chili cheese dog, just like I like them. It’s the perfect hot dog for cheese and beef lovers and for anyone looking for that Cincinnati style cheese Coney.

Cheese Coney

Cheese Coney.

3 Way Pasta – Was a total failure the beef spaghetti was not at all cooked well and tasted very bad we just took one bite and that was it unfortunately even their secret chili sauce didn’t made it tasted good.

3 Way Pasta

3 Way Pasta.

For drinks the Pink and Mint lemonade were very refreshing and ended our meal perfectly. They are served in Mason jar, we didn’t like the Pink lemonade though it tasted very odd but the Mint lemonade was tangy and sweet was just right to make the drink tasty.

Last but not least the dessert, Churros – Too sweet but YUM! They were warm, crispy and sweet dabbed with delicious sugar. These churros have been deep-fried to a crunchy golden-brown and are served with chocolate and caramel dip.




Overall HotDog Stand provides, good quality hot dogs and they serve one of the best jalapeno poppers that is a must try. Our server was friendly and the service was also quick. The prices are also very much affordable.

The Bill:

  • The Monster: Dhs 21
  • Cheese Coney: Dhs 19
  • 3 Way Pasta: Dhs 22
  • Onion Rings: Dhs 8
  • Jalapeno Poppers: Dhs 10
  • Churros: Dhs 20
  • Pink lemonade: Dhs 8
  • Mint lemonade: Dhs 8

The Hot Dog Stand Details:

Where is the Venue of The Hot Dog Stand?

Shop 3, Jannah Place, Nasaq Street, Dubai Marina, Dubai.

Location Map

What is the Opening Timing of The Hot Dog Stand?

  • Sun 11 AM to 11 PM
  • Mon 11 AM to 11 PM
  • Tue 11 AM to 11 PM
  • Wed 11 AM to 11 PM
  • Thu 11 AM to 1 AM
  • Fri 11 AM to 1 AM
  • Sat 11 AM to 12 Midnight


What are the Highlights of The Hot Dog Stand?

  • Home Delivery
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Kid Friendly

How to Contact them for more Information?

Tel: 04 4370686

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