Buying Tips for Armored Vehicles in UAE – Bulletproof cars in Dubai

Buying Tips for Armored Vehicles in UAE

Buying Tips for Armored Vehicles in UAE

Buying Tips for Armored Vehicles in UAE

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An armored vehicle is a normal vehicle with an intensified structure, which is designed to protect its occupants from different types of attacks. These vehicles are manufactured using bulletproof glass & layers of armor plating, defensive mechanisms to keep the individuals and properties safer. The armored vehicles running in the streets of countries like Mexico  & Brazil growing day by day and the larger cars like Chevrolet Suburbans are armored & bullet proofed to save the lives. Most of the armored vehicles manufactured in UAE are supplied to Africa,South America, Pakistan, Afganistan  and east countries like Philippines, Thailand etc. Usually Armored vehicle is used by Ministers, celebrities, Business persons, VIP’s etc.

The UAE has become a main business hub for a huge number of armored vehicle manufactures. It is very important while choosing the right armored vehicle. Here listed some of the Buying Tips for Armored Vehicles in UAE:

  • Have to understand the level of protection and safety features. The levels start from B1 to B6.
  • Select the Driving Terrain type ie Desert, Off-road, Highways, Snowy etc
  • Have to give extra care about fuel economy, If you are choosing international drives.
  • Choose the right armored vehicle for carrying passengers & valuables
  • Check the agreement terms and the budget with your chosen armored manufacturer
  • Discuss the documentation and shipment options
  • The other protective modifications include automatic fire extinguishers, suspension kits, explosive resistant fuel tank, strobe lights, siren or alarm, remote vehicle start, VHF radio etc
  • Do a test drive if possible

Most popular Armored Vehicle type manufactured in UAE:

  • Armored SUV’s like Armored Land Cruiser, Armored Lexus 570,
  • Armored Nissan Patrol, Armored Chevrolet Suburban, Armored Toyota Prado
  • Armored Sedan, Armored Toyota Hilux, Armored Ford Ranger, Armored Nissan Navara
  • Armored Toyota Tundra, Armored Toyota Coaster, Asok Leyland, Armored Personnel Carrier

Top Armored Vehicle Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE

  1. SHELL Armored Vehicles – bulletproof cars for sale in Dubai
  3. IAG International Armored Group
  4. Ultimate  Armor Works
  5. Mahindra Emirates Vehicle Armoring
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