Wasit Wetland Center Sharjah near to Ajman Border

Wasit Wetland Center Sharjah

Wasit Wetland Center Sharjah

Wasit Wetland Center Sharjah

Wasit Wetland Center Sharjah is a Nature Reserve. This is under-watched wetland in the outskirts of Sharjah. It is a ‘new’ site, consisting of saline pools and reedbeds, a protected wetland reserve since 2006.
The area was called Ramtha Lagoons and Ramtha Tip before it was cleaned up and converted into a reserve.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/FEJUn9pctDm

The Wasit Nature Reserve is located at a meeting point between the land and the sea. It features extensive dunes, mud flats and salty lagoons, as well as fresh water pools, and is part of an ancient chain of historical wetlands along the Gulf coast. The reserve supports a wide range of wetland wildlife, providing food, nesting and shelter opportunities .

At its heart, the Wasit Wetland Centre brings visitors up close to coastal bird populations. Hosting over 60 species of resident and migratory birds, it offers unique viewing opportunities across large aviaries and from multiple hides.

The centre also provides educational opportunities for visitors, with detailed bird information and activities, along with a cafeteria.

Information courtesy – http://www.epaashj.ae/learning-centers/wasit-centre/#sthash.Fs6BGcrU.dpuf

How to reach Wasit Wetland Center Sharjah?

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/FEJUn9pctDm

What is the ticket price to enter Wasit Wetland Center Sharjah?

15 Dhs per person. This entry fee includes the fee for vehicle inside which will take you throughout the park. No extra charge to be paid.

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