Ora Nursery Of The Future in Dubai

Ora Nursery Of The Future in Dubai

Ora Nursery Of The Future in Dubai

Ora Nursery Of The Future in Dubai

Picture Courtesy: ora.ae

Ora Nursery Of The Future in Dubai guided by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It mainly focus on early-childhood development through innovative Zayed Early-Learning Framework. Ora nursery prepare young people to lead the future of the UAE and the world.

The Zayed Early-Learning Framework will build on happiness and positivity, advanced science and artificial intelligence using child-initiated learning methods, age-appropriate developmental and skills based techniques.

Mission & Values:

  • Ora leads the future of global early-childhood development through forward-thinking Zayed Early-Learning Framework
  • They combines traditional cultural values and modern ideas with educational research and cutting-edge technology
  • The framework focus mainly on child-initiated teaching methods that brings up the little ones  to think beyond boundaries and grab curiosity, creativity and talent


  • Bonding & Breast feeding
  • Digital Monitoring
  • Amenities & Services
  • Parent Workshops
  • Hygiene

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Ora Nursery Of The Future in Dubai Details:

Where is the venue of Ora Nursery Of The Future?

Ground Floor

Emirates tower


United Arab Emirates

Location Map

What are the timings of Ora Nursery Of The Future in Dubai?

8 AM to 6 PM(Sunday to Thursday)

Age Groups in Ora Nursery Of The Future in Dubai

 2 – 12 months babies:

  • All educators are First-Aid certified
  • Fully-qualified nurses
  • Highly-trained team
  • Educator to child ratio of 1:3 for children under 12 months

1 – 2 Year Toddlers:

  • Motivate kids to choose their own activities, learning styles and paces
  • Develops confidence, creativity and curiosity
  • All educators are First-Aid certified
  • Two fully-qualified nurses on site
  • An educator to child ratio of 1:4 for children aged 13–24 months

2 – 3 Years Preschool:

  • Create experiential teaching methods to empower young people
  • Educators play a vital role in the development of children
  • Foster leadership, responsibility and empathy

3+ Years Foundation:

  • Perfect space for 3 year old kids
  • The learning methods boost curiosity, natural talents, creativity and confidence
  • Introduce every child to the idea of structured learning routine
  • Features a perfect timetable that balances curiosity-based learning and more routine-based teaching time

How to register for Ora Nursery Of The Future in Dubai?

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How to contact them for more information?

Contact No: +971 52 646 4155

Email: dina@ora.ae






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