ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai – Review

ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai – Review

Using liquid nitrogen to make an ice cream is nothing new to all, except us :p We were lucky enough to be invited to this gem of a place nestled in Dubai Mall food court.

ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai - Review

ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai – Review

ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai is one of the finest and coolest ice cream bar, we have ever visited and that too our first encounter with liquid nitrogen ice cream 😉 There was a wow factor, in how it was prepared.. although we both are not much enthusiast about ice creams but this one surprised us in a great way.

Coming from Los Angeles, CA.. ICE-CREAM LAB opened its door to public in Dubai last quarter of 2014. This true made-to-order fresh organic ice-cream is prepared right in front of you using only 100% natural ingredients and the process makes the freshest and the creamiest ice cream you will ever taste. Their organic base comes from California’s most well reputed dairy. It contains no preservatives, additives or emulsifiers and has the right amount of sweetness and it’s healthy too as it contains fewer carbs compared to other ice creams that have double the carbs, means you can satisfy your cravings without guilt.. Kudos for that 🙂



What we loved the most about the ICE-CREAM LAB was their decor, the setting and ambiance itself gives you shiver it’s very sleek white, blue and cold.. fitting well with the molecular gastronomy theme of their product 😉 The bright, convenient spaces cater to the grab-and-go crowd with counter service and boards displaying their different flavors. You can also enjoy the ice cream sitting in a bar like stools or opt to sit on a standard table chair provided adjacent to the counter service and experience the fog show of liquid nitrogen that flows out from the bowl and expands in the air as a smoke and evaporates right in front of your eyes 🙂



It has become increasingly common at top restaurants as a method for instantly freezing food and drinks, but what if your ice cream could be made to order, going from the creamy liquid base to the frozen treat in mere seconds using state-of-the-art machines in a fun and creative way. Impressive isn’t it ?

ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai, UAE - Review

ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai, UAE – Review

The secret to the creamy ice cream is the rapid freezing of the mixture that is vanilla, that they use for their base. The liquid nitrogen causes the fat and the water particles to stay very small thus giving the ice cream its creamy consistency, the faster the ice cream can be frozen there’s less likelihood that your cold confection will develop those pesky ice crystals that form, when the ice cream freezes too slowly.

Now to the best part ice cream, we sampled three flavors:

ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai, UAE - Salt Lick Crunch

ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai, UAE – Salt Lick Crunch

ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai Mall - Lava Mud Chocolate

ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai Mall – Lava Mud Chocolate

  • Salt Lick Crunch – a decadent combination of fresh organic vanilla ice cream blended together with crushed salted pretzels and topped with caramel sauce and with pretzel contrasted perfectly to the sweet vanilla ice cream and is a definite crowd pleaser.
  • Lava Mud Chocolate – hello, deliciousness.. this is your classic flavour if you are chocoholic, can’t stop eating. It’s light and felt totally fresh with pretzel giving that crunchy feel in your mouth, it was just outstanding. Your first bite is nothing but chocolate then as you delve deeper it gets dark and intense.
  • Yoghurt Ice Cream – the texture and smoothness of yoghurt is heavenly, it is creamy and tasted so good with that it had fresh fruit toppings strawberry and kiwi that gave a mouth watering kick in the first bite and you can stop eating it until you finish it till the last bit.
ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai Mall - Yoghurt Ice Cream

ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai Mall – Yoghurt Ice Cream

ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai - Cookies and Cream shake

ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai – Cookies and Cream shake

They even serve organic fruit juices and shakes, we tried the Cookies and Cream shake it was thick, creamy and yummy and the taste was just divine.

ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai - Organic Fruit Juices

ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai – Organic Fruit Juices

We also had the chance to go behind the counter to see up-close their liquid nitrogen tanks that had temperatures between -120°F and -320.44°F and the milk and ingredients they use for making ice creams, they are legit. The staff were welcoming, friendly and warm. We would also like to specially thank Mr Sachin and Mr Varun for taking good care of us and explaining the whole process and giving us the tour of their amazing ICE CREAM LAB.





The prices for ice-creams ranges from AED 22 to AED 29 for extras like waffle and different type of toppings add additional AED 3. Overall our experience was super cool, hands down. The ice creams had perfect texture and a mouth lingering taste. What we noticed that not only kids even adults of all age groups were amazed to watch the wave of steam that rises what we like to call as a magical smoke.. when the super-cold, liquid nitrogen gas hits the liquid ice cream base and instantaneous changes it into solid.

ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai - Menu

ICE-CREAM LAB, Dubai – Menu

Recommended – Salt Lick crunch and Lotus experiment.

Location – Food court, Dubai Mall

Phone Number – 04 3308831

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