Love lakes in Dubai – Heart shaped lakes in Dubai UAE

Love lakes in Dubai – Heart shaped lake Dubai UAE Heart shaped lake Dubai UAE

Heart shaped lake Dubai UAE  -View from the top Heart shaped lake (Love lake) Dubai UAE is the man-made lake that takes the shape of two gigantic hearts which can be viewed from particular height and on google map. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, shared a photo of the man-made lakes near Al Qudra.

Google location Map to Love Lakes. خريطة الموقع بحيرة الحب

The most interesting part is that the trees are planted in such a way that it spells out the word ‘love’ when viewed from the top and both the hearts take the shape of intertwining hearts.


Sheikh Hamdan expressed his love for his 6.6 million followers with a caption that read: “To all of you.”

Heart shaped lake Dubai UAE

Love lakes – Heart shaped lake Dubai UAE

How to reach Love lakes Dubai UAE?

Location map of Heart shaped lake Dubai UAE:  خريطة الموقع Heart shape lake Dubai / Love LakeDubai

Where is Love lake located in Dubai?

The lake of love Dubai is located near Al Qudra lakes area

What are to facilities available in Love Lakes

  • Picnic
  • Camping
  • Barbeque (only in designated areas using charcoal)

How to reach Love lakes?

The easiest access seems to be to take the road passing Arabian Ranches and Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club. From the Polo Club, it is 28 km to the Saih al-Salam–Qudra lake. There is Al Qudra cycle track and Al Qudra desert camping area in the way towards the lake.

Note: Due to ongoing road maintenance activities, we suggest you use Google Map to visit Love Lakes: 

  • Coming from Sharjah towards Jebel Ali, take Emirates road (E611)
  • Go straight until you see Exit 35 ( If you are coming from Abu Dhabi/Jebel Ali, take Exit 35 in Emirates Road )
  • Take Exit 35 & take a U-Turn. Then you will reach another side of the Emirates road (ie towards Sharjah Direction)
  • Go straight. In approximate 200 meters, you will see Al Qudra Exit 35
  • Follow that exit and go straight for approximately (D63) 20 Kilometers till you see a roundabout with a horse statue in the middle of the roundabout and Last Exit Food trucks. (From Qudra Exit 35 this is 3rd roundabout)
  • From this Last Exit roundabout, take left  (Don’t take untarred -Kacha- road to Al Qudra flamingo lakes)
  • You will reach a roundabout, take right and go forward and look Love lake board.

        Google map link: Click here for the Google Map

Information Courtesy: KhaleejTimes

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