Freeze Restaurant Al Quoz Dubai UAE – Review

Freeze Restaurant Al Quoz Dubai UAE – Review.

If you are a hardcore dessert person and if you haven’t visited this place, you’re missing the sweetness in your life. Freeze restaurant is a gem of a place located in Al Quoz-Dubai, which serves mind boggling crepes, shakes, waffles, pancakes and the list goes on.

Freeze restaurant Al Quoz Dubai UAE

Freeze restaurant Al Quoz – Dubai, UAE

Freez is a new joint on the block attracting the social millennials with their crazy sweet creations and their funky eye catchy street like graffiti walls showing childhood memories of people born in Dubai with the famous 90’s drink Areej that never gets old. The place is small with few seating’s and most of the orders were taken by customers in car in front of the place but we wanted to be inside to experience the real thing.

Our first drink was the Oman chips & laban – it’s basically a frozen laban blended with crushed ice and topped with oman chips, the combination is quite weird and we were quite skeptical it can’t be good and it was not.. First, it’s frozen means it’s cold like north pole and the taste was quite sour but gradually when the ice melts you taste sour of laban and spiciness of chips not our kind of a drink but depends from person to person. You can either try the same with Cheetos, strange but try it at least once.

Oman Chips and Laban

Oman Chips and Laban

Our second drink was the Oreo shake and boom – This was over and out in few seconds we killed it, it was rich and creamy and super heavy as we took it in Jar it is enough for two people but i finished it all alone. It was delicious, you’ll for sure fall in love with it. You can also try the Nutella shake as well and i can guarantee that Nutella one would be more yummylicious!!

Oreo Shake and Boom

Oreo Shake and Boom.

Our third drink was Blue raspberry shake –  Visually looked really good but it lacked the taste. Even the flavor of raspberry was not much there but it was good to taste something unique. My other half though liked it and finished it Enough of drinks now to the best part of our visit.

Blue raspberry shake

Blue raspberry shake – Drinks.

Sushi roll with brownie pieces stuffed with nutella topped with mint leave – what can i say no words to explain until you experience it yourself, first of all the presentation is just fabulous and the aroma of the sweetness will make you dizzy. Seeing it and holding yourself back until your second half is done with the pictures was too hard, once done we dived into it and must say one of best sushi crepe it was yummylicious beyond the limit and it was rich and creamy and just kept melting in your mouth asking for more.

Sushi roll with brownie pieces

Sushi roll with brownie pieces stuffed with nutella topped with mint leave.

Lotus crepe – was the show stealer of all undoubtedly the best of all. It was stuffed with crushed lotus biscuits and topped with lotus biscoff and dark and milk chocolate covering it. The crepe was warm, soft and moist and had a good consistency, it was super tasty even though our blood has turned sweet after all what we have been having but still it didn’t stopped us to indulge in it bite by bite, It was like happiness in every bite. This definitely is one of the best lotus desserts we have tried till date.

Lotus crepe Dessert.

Lotus crepe Dessert.

To end our tasting session, how come it can be without the famous F3 coffee – it was cold strong coffee with slight bitter taste though we are coffeeholics we felt it that way. They are given in a plastic bottles designed specifically for F3 coffee only, unfortunately the price is quite steep for it depending on the quantity DHS25. It’s a very much hyped product displayed socially.

F3 Coffee.

F3 Coffee.

Service is prompt and our server was very friendly and welcoming. Their prices are unbelievably economical for few items though keep an eye out on their Instagram profile for happy hours during which some or all items are offered at 50% off.

This place is dedicated for dessert lovers and will surely satisfy your dessert cravings.We highly recommend this place to everyone.

Freeze restaurant Al Quoz Dubai Details:

Where is the Venue of Freeze restaurant Al Quoz Dubai?

Behind Al Quoz Park,Street 17B, Al Quoz, Dubai.

Location Map

What is the Opening Timing of Freeze restaurant Al Quoz Dubai?

Sun 12 Noon to 12 Midnight
Mon 12 Noon to 12 Midnight
Tue 12 Noon to 12 Midnight
Wed 12 Noon to 12 Midnight
Thu 12 Noon to 1 AM
Fri 12 Noon to 1 AM
Sat 12 Noon to 12 Midnight

What are the Highlights of Freeze restaurant Al Quoz Dubai?

Kid Friendly
Desserts and Bakes

How to Contact them for more Information?

Tel: 0564355540

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