Ayam Elezz Restaurant Dubai UAE – Review.

Ayam Elezz Restaurant Dubai UAE – Review

Ayam Elezz is a traditional authentic lebanese cuisine restaurant with an ambiance that takes you back to the old era of Lebanon, it’s located at the far end of Jumeirah Dubai in the new vicinity The Mall. The Ayam Elezz Restaurant is first of its kind and it has been doing rounds socially with good reviews, so why we stay behind.

Ayam Elezz Restaurant

Ayam Elezz Restaurant – Dubai, UAE.

Ayam Elezz is located on the first floor of The Mall opposite to Jumeirah beach hotel and that’s one of the attractions you will read in our review below. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, drinks and none other than sheesha ooh yeah!!

Ayam Elezz Restaurant

Ayam Elezz Restaurant

One of the other attraction is there interior its old and classy they have all sorts of retro memorabilia from old age electronics, artifacts displayed all over the place, the ambiance is rustic though colorful and bright and soulful music is always playing in the background. Overall the place has a very fun and colorful vibe to it and takes you back in time. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating area, we being more outgoing haha decided to sit in veranda with wooden rooftop and walls stocked with plants and you can hear birds chirping it makes you feels warm, cosy and special. Not to forget the view is fabulous as you can have a glimpse of wild wadi, Jumeirah beach hotel and Burj Al Arab.

Ayam Elezz Restaurant inside.

Ayam Elezz Restaurant inside.

Ayam Elezz Restaurant Table Arrangement

Ayam Elezz Restaurant Table Arrangement.

Now let’s get down to food business as we were invited for tasting we left to the restaurant manager to select the items for us.

To start off we were served beautiful Zaatar bread pieces with two sauces on a wooden plate, how cute can it get. The bread was soft and the sauces that were fattah cheese mixed with something whatever it was it tasted really good and the second was olive oil, bread pieces dipped in sauces were delectable, small bites of happiness. It was finished in minutes ;).

Zaatar bread pieces with two sauces.

Zaatar bread pieces with two sauces.

Zaatar and Baladi Cheese salad consists of mix fresh green zaatar leaves, baby tomatoes, beans, baladi cheese and flavoured with fresh lemon juice and olive oil. It was a simple traditional salad must be popular in their community but for us it was a no no. Priced @ DHS 24.

Zaatar and Baladi Cheese salad.

Zaatar and Baladi Cheese salad.

Hummus Ras Asfour name says it all, its Hummus with the best Ras Asfour beef. One of the best hummus and hummus is my weakness. It was thick creamy, with a good consistency.. it just lacked olive oil that we took care of and topped with Ras Asfour beef delicious and it is served with freshly made bread. Priced @ DHS 33.

Hummus Ras Asfour

Hummus Ras Asfour.

Kebbet Lentil is an authentic lebanese non fried Kebbet, good option for vegetarians to have. It is made with lentil, cracked wheat (borghol) and tomato paste and topped with pomegranate sauce. Each kebbet is laid on fresh lettuce leave, the taste for us was quite unique as it was new for us it took us a while to eat at least one each. Priced @ DHS 24.

Kebbet Lentil

Kebbet Lentil.

Lebanese Mhammara was one different dish again a traditional one that is made with chilli paste, red bell peppers mixed with walnut and olive oil. It had a good texture, basically a dip and we tried to taste it with bread it was just OK. Priced @ DHS 24.

Lebanese Mhammara

Lebanese Mhammara.

Sujuk is basically spicy well cooked filled sausages with tomato sauce, it was pretty good nothing special. Priced @ DHS 32.



Arayes, apart from Hummus and Arayes rest of all items were new to us. So it was good to see Arayes in a lebanese restaurant and we killed it, it was perfectly deep fried and filled with delicious minced meat when dipped in garlic sauce or Hummus it was one of the best. Priced @ DHS 49.

The last main meal was Chicken wings, they were tangy, a little crispy, meaty and so unctuous that it’s hard to eat just one. It was mildly hot having layers of flavor, i ate in desi style with bread and Hummus, guilty as charged. Priced @ DHS 49.

Hummus, Arayes and Chicken wings.

Hummus, Arayes and Chicken wings.

And for drinks, we had Lemonade Batrouniye it basically had too much of lime, hint of orange, sugar and crushed ice and it was served chilled but we had to ask for sugar syrup to make it drinkable as it was too tangy and citrusy, it was thou refreshing but was not able to drink it all. Priced @ DHS 26.

For our second drink, it was fresh Pomegranate juice which is served in a pomegranate-shaped glass. Not only the drink looked pretty in this arrangement, but it also tasted good. Priced @ DHS 28.

Lemonade Batrouniye and Pomegranate juice.

Lemonade Batrouniye and Pomegranate juice.

Last and the best part of our trip was the Sheesha, we are glad that we ordered sheesha as this place will be in our list to visit at least for sheesha. We ordered one grapes sheesha and it was smooth and pure, probably one of the best sheesha, we had in awhile. Priced @ DHS 68.




Ayam Elezz Restaurant Dubai, UAE.

Ayam Elezz Restaurant Dubai, UAE.

We didn’t want to share this, but it would be against our ethics NOT to of what we felt of their hospitality. The lady manager who welcomed us was not at all friendly, as we were on a tasting invite she never introduced herself to us until we asked her name who she is.. as she was serving us food then only she said who she was, we found it a bit strange but she seemed like a nice person. We have been to many invites and people who invite they take pride in welcoming and tell us about their place history\ background and specially explain all the tasting dishes but in this invite the manager never told us what she’s keeping on our table until only we asked what is this we eating mmmm.

Now to quickly wind up the review, apart from what we tasted they have bunch of other things in grill menu specially that will be a must to try like Mixed Grill, Sheesh Taouk, Kafta, Kebab Orfali and a lot more. Can’t talk about service as the place was not crowded much and we smoked our sheesha waiting for our food 🙂 The place has a superb view and vibe, loved the ambiance and of course sheesha that is highly recommended.

Ayam Elezz Restaurant Details:

Where is the Venue of Ayam Elezz Restaurant?

Jumeirah Road, Opposite Jumeirah Beach Hotel, The Mall.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Location Map

What is the Opening Timing of Ayam Elezz Restaurant?

Sun: 9 AM to 1 AM
Mon: 9 AM to 1 AM
Tue: 9 AM to 1 AM
Wed: 9 AM to 1 AM
Thu: 9 AM to 2 AM
Fri: 9 AM to 2 AM
Sat: 9 AM to 1 AM

What are the Highlights of Ayam Elezz Restaurant?

Home Delivery
Valet Parking Available
Outdoor Seating
Private Dining Area Available

How to Contact them for more information?

Tel: 04 388 0380



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