813 Arab World Satellite

813 Arab World Satellite

813 Arab world satellite

813 Arab world satellite

Picture Courtesy: emiratesnews247.com

813 Arab world satellite, announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the vice – president and prime minister of UAE. The new satellite has been named 813 is to highlight an important year in the Arab history. The UAE has launched a regional space collaboration programme that aims to empower the Arab world. It includes partnership between the UAE and 10 other Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan and Kuwait. The group will be guide by the UAE.

The UAE space agency will provide funds for the new satellite, and will be developed by Arab engineers(National Space Science & Technology Centre) United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain

Significance of 813 Arab world satellite:

  • The multi-spectral satellite will monitor the earth and measure the environmental and climatic elements. It includes vegetation, soil types, minerals & water sources, measuring greenhouse gases, pollution and dust levels
  • It will have a polar orbit of 600 kilometres
  • The development of the satellite will take three years and have a lifespan of about five years
  • It will be funded by the UAE Space Agency
  • The new satellite 813 refers to the date that marked the beginning of prosperity for the House of Wisdom in Baghdad under the reign of Al-Ma’mun. The House brought together  embraced scientists, translated notable texts and produced scientific capabilities
  • It will aim to tackle climate and environmental issues in the Arab world and other parts of the globe
  • The programme will bring in exchange of knowledge and working on joint projects

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